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”I signed up for CRAFT of Teaching expecting to learn a few hot tips and tricks. In the past I have taken similar programs on teaching and effective presentations. As an educator m in Vancouver and 12 years behind the chair I know the fundamentals.

In two days we covered a lot of ground, which I loved. Some of my biggest take-always were: learning to adapt on the fly, building the components of a lesson plans to achieve flow, creating an opening with a punch and understanding the learners in your room and the 7 micro expressions to better assess my students.

I have a lot more tools in my tool box now. I would recommend this course to a stylist who educates for a brand, owners looking to inspire their team and passionate stylists who want to be better at educating their assistants.”

Jessie Richardson Pureo-Artist, Stylist Hype Hair Salon

“Craft of teaching… what an amazing class it was!

I have known Tanya for years and have taken multiple classes from her including color theory, product knowledge, presentation skill and more.. Nonetheless this class was the ultimate guide for educator hands down. I walked away with so many tools as an educator and presentor. Also have many classmates who I can reach out to without hesitation to get feedback and bounce each other's idea. I don't doubt this boss lady will take every class she put it out there seriously. Thank you again for all your knowledge and wisdom Tanya!”

Jessy Jin L’Oreal Pro Portfolio Colourist, Stylist Pomp and Proper

“I met Tanya in Toronto in spring of 2017 where she talked to me about her coaching program.  I really thought at the time that I could handle a business and be behind the chair, so I did not give it much thought.  However, last year I realized that running a salon and being behind the chair was just too much, so I reached out to Tanya for help.

Since I’ve started my coaching, Tanya has been able to help me identify and focus on my weakness and keep me accountable for the goals we have set together. This has been an incredible help to me as I am now able to track my salon numbers, know key performance indicators, and how to better manage my time. In addition to this, she has helped me with my communications skills with the staff in the salon and help me develop new way to keep staff engaged and excited by setting out personalised goals for each individual team member. We have seen more enthusiasm from staff and an increase in pre-booking by 50%, retail sales by 20% and treatments by 5%. 

I am over the moon with these results!  

 I feel because Tanya is also a stylist and a business owner she can relate to my problems and understand my opinion on how I would like to run my salon.  I am grateful for Tanya and look forward to a bright future with my staff and salon.”

Susan Whalen - owner Salon Kokoro. Calgary Alberta.

“My experience being mentored by Tanya Sullivan has been nothing short of exceptional. She was one of my first mentors 13 years ago, where I was taught everything from colour theory to building myself as a business, with tips and tricks along the way.

During my time at CRAFT, Tanya has worked with me to develop my skills into becoming a mentor. This has benefited me both personally and professionally.”

Rempel Roquette - Stylist, Blonde Specialist, CRAFT Academy Salon

“Coaching with Tanya was something I immediately knew that I wanted to do before opening my salon. She is in it everyday as a salon owner, so she understands the ups and downs since she deals with them everyday. She is “firm but fair” and I knew that she wouldn’t be afraid to push and challenge me- and that she did. The coaching we did from ground-zero while creating my business plan to when the doors opened was beyond valuable. To have someone that doesn’t just“know the way”, but can offer perspective, be a sound board and call you out when needed, helped me create the values and brand that GUIDE is, before we even opened the doors. I know that investing in a coach has made my business successful in this short year we have been open and will continue be an investment I make in the years to come.”

Kara Firman - owner Guide Salon. Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

“I have known Tanya for 15+ years. In those years Tanya has been a point of reference as a hairdresser, a trainer, and as a mentor. As a hairdresser, she has both vision and skill.  As a trainer she is open and focused all wrapped up in humour and fun. And as a mentor-with empathy, intuition and leadership Tanya leaves people reflective and engaged in their own success.

She is and will continue to be my gold standard.”

Georgia Reynolds - Stylist/Colourist & Beauty Coach Untitled Salon. Toronto Ontario.

“You are a breath of fresh air! I was super excited to learn from you! You always gain my attention and I appreciate that you are always so real with us - without any fluff. I love all that you are doing for hairstylists and educators- I'm such a big fan of yours!”

Anna Giannini -Stylist/Colourist Untitled Salon. Toronto Ontario.